All you Aspirants.. there,
Inmatch modelling is on a look-out for... fresh faces...
for exciting modelling assignments. If you are armed with
some experience....Chalega!! Buddy, if modelling excites u... alongside your current career (or maybe this cud be the one u are looking out for!). Inmatch modelling cud be a sure move to gain some experience, limelight, coupled with fun & sprinkled with some handsome money too!! So, if you have been bitten by the
modelling bug, or want to, Inmatch modelling is your route!!!
(((Ouch!!))) ...Was that the Modelling Bug!!?

Well...the Sparkling set of teeth with that perfect smile-Hrishikesh, promoted by Inmatch Modelling- is a regular feature on the recent Colgate commercials right now on air.
...this dimple cheek cute dude-Vikram Aditya, you would have surely seen him in the recent Aryan's Video, currently on air-"dekha hai teri aankhon" looking at him playing the waiter at a coffee bar(in the video)-makes one think, that Some Waiters indeed get "tipped"! & How!! Now often seen in lot more videos, his portfolio designed by Inmatch Modelling is indeed speaking volumes. good luck Vikram!

This babe- expressive & classy, Jasmine...with some fine assignments rolled up under her sleeves, including a Catalogue shoot for Ina's garmentwear
done through Inmatch Modelling, surely is catchy.

Shh! koi hai- the suspence series
on more medium
- Serials,
where Inmatch Modelling is setting its forte upon, Kartik Sabarwal & Ratna Dhanda two of our models who have been able to display their acting talents when they were picked up for the lead roles in the series.

Anirudh Pratap got his "Close Shave! with Glamour" with Godrej Shaving Cream,in their print advts & Commercial, Inmatch Modelling was appointed by the prod-house to source the model.

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